Becoming a better version of myself

One of the best things about our jobs here at Anarchy45 is seeing people smash their goals. We’re always seeing amazing transformations and from time to time, our clients share their stories with us so we can share them with you – to be inspired, driven and confident to make your dreams a reality too. This one’s from Louise Garbett – a client of ours trained by Trey.  

“For most of my adult life, I’ve been a member of a gym. However, after turning 30, developing an inoperable cyst behind my right knee joint, going through a cycle of IVF and losing focus at the gym, I began to gain weight.

On the days that my knee was not swollen and causing me pain, I would train but I lacked confidence and was afraid of injury. All of my workouts consisted mainly of cardio, where I would use the same cardio machines every time. The only other equipment I would use was a Swiss ball for abs work and I would steer clear of weights at all costs!

Thankfully in December 2016, I met Trey who had noticed the lack of variation in my gym workouts and instantly offered his advice and guidance. It was from then that I  began to have personal training sessions with him at least once a week. As a trainer, he is pretty strict and he will push you to your limits. I’ve got to admit that there are days when I could quite easily punch him in the face with a dumbbell, however he gets you results.

I’ve made great progress over the last 18 months, losing over a stone in weight and dropping from a dress size 12 to a size 8/10! I have progressed not only in terms of weight loss, but in confidence too.

I have progressed not only in terms of weight loss, but in confidence too. I now love working with weights and my knowledge of fitness has grown increasingly. Although I still have bad days with my knee, those days are fewer and far between as my body has grown stronger and my knee has begun to rehabilitate.

I feel like a better version of myself both physically and mentally and now have a new-found  love for exercise.  I can hand on heart say that is down to Trey! I would recommend Trey as a personal trainer to my family and friends and anyone I was to meet in a heartbeat.”