My statement is this

On Sunday 27th January 2019, Anarchy45 came under fire in the press with claims from tradespeople that our fitness studio failed to pay its bills.

The following statement will be full and frank in order to assure our clients and stakeholders, that we’ve done nothing wrong. 

Firstly, I’ll start with a question – a question which I believe should have been asked before the story broke on Sunday morning:

If you were extending your home, you instructed an electrician and a decorator to carry out works, and they left the job half done, would you pay them in full? Or, would you ask that they rectify any shoddy workmanship they’d left up to that point, and ask that they finish the job you employed them to do, before you settled the bill?

Well, that’s the long and short of what’s happened at Anarchy45 – a brand that I have worked day and night to build. Works have been left unfinished and in a poor state, and I have been working with my solicitor and the tradespeople who took part in Sunday’s article, to rectify the situation for all parties, including Anarchy45.

Exposed electrical cables, an unlabelled fuse box, unfinished painting and decorating – just some of the poor workmanship we’ve had to put right, with some cosmetic work still to fix.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our clients, suppliers and staff for standing shoulder to shoulder with us, in light of these allegations. And I would also like to sign off with one final note:

All my life I have battled bullies, and as a result I now battle with depression. That doesn’t mean I am weak. I am strong, and I will not stand meekly by while people make unsubstantiated claims about myself, my family, my business or my staff.

Anarchy45 was born from grit and a passion to succeed and it will continue to thrive into 2019 and beyond.


Trey Lawrence
Owner and Personal Trainer