When it comes to fads, you can COUNT. ME. OUT. I’m not a fan – especially of ones concerning diet and exercise. It’d be really easy to dump Dry January into that category. But with the right attitude and approach, you and your body can stand to benefit.

But for anything to be worthwhile, it’s got to be sustained long-term. What’s the point of having a break from booze in January only to have a piss up come February to celebrate the end of the drought? Absolutely none.

It’s got to be about REVOLUTION not RESOLUTION. About changing behaviours for good, not just for a month.

By marking that change with Dry January, you’ll definitely feel health improvements within just a few weeks. Fast-forward a few months or a year down the line, this is what you can expect.

Weight loss

If you’ve got your sights set on shaping up and shedding some excess pounds, having several calorie-packed drinks a week can seriously undermine all your hard work. It can also feed hunger pangs, making it hard to resist greasy bar food. With a standard drink typically coming in at around 150 calories – not to mention the fat, sugar and salt overload from snacking – it’s worth dialling down the drinks (or cutting them out completely) to help you achieve healthy weight loss.

Improved health

Drinking a lot (or even a little) puts stress on the liver. So it’s no surprise that roughly half of liver-disease deaths are linked to alcohol – many casualties being millennials. But that’s not all. Health experts link alcohol consumption to mental health issues, brain damage and even an increased chance of cancer. So it’s fair to say that giving up your weekly (or daily) tipple could do your mind and body some good.

More energy

It’s not rocket science. The less time and energy you spend drinking till late, the more chance you’ll get some decent shuteye. This in itself will clear the cobwebs and help you feel more alive – which means having a clear head and the energy to be more active. The more active you become, the more feel-good hormones you’ll produce, the better you’ll feel, the more focused you become…you get the idea. Only good can come from it.

Less sick days

While science hasn’t shown us (yet) that going dry can stop you from getting the common cold or flu, it can support your immune system. According to experts, drinking less can relieve undue stress on your immune function, giving you a far better chance of fighting off infections – not to mention preventing chronic health problems, like inflammatory conditions throughout the body.


Stop and think about why you’re doing Dry January. If you’re in it for a month with a bender on the horizon come February, you might as well forget it. But if you’re using it to mark the start of a long-term positive change for your health and fitness, let’s raise a non-alcoholic glass to that!

Trey Lawrence

Owner and Personal Trainer